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At Wood Fired Designs, we specialize in providing premium brand identity design, illustration, and packaging services for the food and beverage industries. Our team of experts combines creativity and strategic thinking to deliver innovative and impactful solutions that help your brand stand out from the competition.

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Transform your brand with our creative design solutions.

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The Studio Where Your Brand and Audience Become One

The Challenges

Starting out or struggling to redefine your brand in the food and beverage sector can feel like treading water in an ocean of chicken noodle soup

We're here to help

At Wood Fired Designs, we're not just designers – we're brand storytellers, strategists, and your brand's biggest advocates. We dive deep into your brand's essence, crafting a visual identity and strategy that cuts through the noise. With us, your brand isn't just presented – it's unveiled, resonating with your audience on a level that goes beyond aesthetics

The outcome

Imagine a brand that doesn't just exist but attracts new customers while you’re jogging on the trails. A brand that captivates, connects, and converts with every glance. That's the transformation we promise. From the embers of your vision, we forge a brand that stands as a beacon in your industry, attracting the right customers and turning casual viewers into lifelong patrons.

The Process

From Spark to Flame:

Brand Identity Broken down into 4 simple phases.


Laying the foundations

Clarify your market positioning within 90 minutes. We start by collecting the kindling for your brand fire. This initial phase involves deep diving into your brand's core through a discovery session, understanding your goals, audience, and market positioning. It sets the stage for everything that follows.


Sparking the Strategy

Your brand will glow after this transformation. With insights in hand, we strike the match. This phase covers strategy development, where we outline creative directions and start crafting your brand's story and visual identity. It's where your brand begins to glow, ready for the transformation.

Cooking Up Your Brand's Identity

Execute the Strategy

Your brand will go from ‘blah’ to ‘memorable.’Now, we let it cook. We bring the brand to life, producing all visual elements and marketing collateral. Guidelines are created to ensure consistency, and support is provided for implementation. This phase is about refining and solidifying your brand into something memorable and impactful.

Stoke the Flame

Gather round and let the fun begin

This is where we put it all into action. So get comfortable, grab the guitar and roast some marshmellows because this is where we help you put the entire brand into action with our implementation program and follow up accountability meetings to see how progress is being made.

Unleash Your Brand's Full Potential

Wood Fired Designs offers more than branding; we create deep connections between your brand and its audience. Maybe you’ve worked with a brand agency that didn’t ‘get’ how the food and beverage industry works. So you ended up with a brand identity that looked like every other restaurant.Our unique (smoothie) blend of creativity, strategy, and food and beverage industry insight transforms your brand into a memorable experience. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure every aspect of your brand aligns with your goals, resonating with customers and driving growth. Choose the path that not only showcases your brand but also sets it ablaze with potential."This streamlined content keeps the focus on the key benefits of choosing Wood Fired Designs, highlighting the importance of taking action now with a clear, impactful message

Your Brand's Continuous Growth Partner

Our commitment to your brand's success extends far beyond crafting its identity. At Wood Fired Designs, we continue to support and guide you even after the initial deliverables are in your hands. Whether you're looking for the right screen printer to bring your visuals to life, a web designer to build your digital presence, or a social media manager to engage your audience, we've got you covered. Acting as your steadfast liaison, we help orchestrate a seamless plan of execution, ensuring your brand is implemented properly and on schedule. Choosing us means gaining a dedicated partner, invested in nurturing your brand's growth and ensuring its message resonates across all platforms.


Case Studies

Explore our latest design projects in the food and beverage industries.

Swig and Swine

NOLA French Quarter Dive Bar and Barbecue Joint

Soulful Eats

Mobile Soul Food Truck in Nashville, Tennessee

Hot Tidbits

Just a glimpse into the world we've helped create


brands created


Years of experience


Michael was great to work with, and very collaborative throughout the entire process, which I greatly appreciated. He's very good at what he does. He has a great process in place for helping you find a brand that suits you well and makes you happy you went through with the project.

- Kelvin Krupiak

Michael was great to work with. He was very responsive and listened to our vision initially. As we progressed through the process, he asked inspirational questions and helped us to get clear on the end product we were hoping for. We are over the moon with the final result. And, we plan to continue to work with him as we build out additional elements of the brand. We highly recommend working with Michael!

- Audrey Castillo-Herrera

Michael is an AMAZING Designer! He is super creative, easy to talk to, understands your ideas, brings your vision to life (even better then you envisioned it), and he is quick and efficient. Michael goes above and beyond what you request, and his professionalism can't be matched! I highly recommend Michael for whatever Design projects you have. If you want things done right and beautiful, hire Michael! You WILL NOT be disappointed.

- Allison Sanders

Logo Eye Candy

My Journey from Food Worker to Brand Builder

From a young age, creativity and entrepreneurship were not just concepts, but a way of life in my family. This background instilled in me the belief that skill equals value, and value can be transformed into a business. Watching my family navigate the highs and lows of business taught me resilience and the importance of grit, qualities that have been my companions through life's ventures, including the time I navigated the entrepreneurial skepticism of college life.Self-taught in design, my work experiences in food venues deepened my love for the culinary world and its stories, while also highlighting the struggles of keeping a dream afloat.

These insights have fueled my passion for supporting food and beverage entrepreneurs in creating brands that resonate and endure. With a blend of creativity and strategic branding, I'm dedicated to crafting identities that not only stand out but also lay the groundwork for success. In this challenging yet thrilling journey, I aim to lighten the load for these businesses, ensuring their stories are told in the most impactful way, and setting the stage for memorable experiences in an industry close to my heart.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about our design process, services, and client collaboration methods.

How long does the branding process typically take?

While timelines can vary based on project scope, we typically see a complete branding journey unfold over several weeks, ensuring meticulous attention to detail at every step.

Do you provide ongoing support after the initial branding project?

Yes, we believe in nurturing your brand's growth, offering follow-up support and services to keep your brand vibrant and effective.

What if I need help with website design and social media management?

We’ve got you covered. Beyond branding, we offer support for website design and can connect you with excellent partners for managing your social media presence.

How soon can you begin working on my project?

Our start times can vary as we dedicate ourselves fully to each client to ensure their brand receives the attention it deserves. We aim to schedule new projects as soon as possible, but the exact timing will depend on our current workload and the scope of your project. Rest assured, from the moment we begin, you'll have our undivided focus, crafting a brand that truly stands out."

What are your payment terms for a branding project?

We typically operate with a project-based fee structure, requiring a deposit to commence work and staged payments aligned with key milestones throughout the project. Final payment is due upon project completion, prior to the final delivery of assets.

Do you offer any packages or is everything custom?

While we tailor our services to each client’s unique needs, we do offer predefined packages that serve as a starting point. Each package is designed to be flexible, allowing us to adjust based on your specific goals and budget.

Is there a contract involved?

Yes, we provide a contract for every project outlining the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, payment terms, and other essential details. This ensures clarity and alignment between us and our clients from the outset.

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